Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

We are looking for Senior Consultants with the innate problem-solving and strategic skills to work with HR executives to design and sell large scale, customized financial wellness programs that meet their strategic goals.  Every sale is different; there is no PowerPoint presentation, no standard demo.  It is all about sitting across the table from someone, determining their most pressing needs from a HR/benefits perspective, and developing highly custom solutions that solve their problems and ultimately transform their organizations.  The Senior Consultants need to be able to juggle dozens of prospects at one time, prioritize the most important ones, and adapt to the personalities, corporate cultures, and procurement policies of companies interested in our services.  Ultimately, our growing Consulting team will support our growth from reaching hundreds of companies to reaching thousands.


Listen Up, Ladies: Tips for Closing the Financial Gender Gap

This week, I bring you good news and bad news, both of which come from a study by the folks at Financial Finesse. For three years, they’ve been analyzing the gender gap in financial literacy. The bad news is that after some progress in 2011, the gap appears to be widening in 2012…


Financial literacy’s gender gap seen as widening

Even with women making great strides in workplace parity and achieving greater financial independence, they continue to lag behind men in many key areas of financial planning…