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The 'finesse' of our company is the people who work here. Our greatest strength is the caliber of our team, working together on a common goal: educate and empower people to achieve a secure financial future. Our entrepreneurial environment gives everyone the opportunity to be recognized as a key contributor in a service driven organization. We are all passionate about what we do, and thrive in the fast paced dynamic environment we work in.

Senior Consultant

Job Title:Senior Consultant
Location:El Segundo, California.
Summary:We are looking for a senior consultant who has the innate problem-solving and strategic skills to work with HR executives to design and sell large scale, customized financial wellness programs that meet their strategic goals. Every sale is different; there is no PowerPoint presentation, no standard demo. It is all about sitting across the table from someone, determining their most pressing needs from a HR/benefits perspective, and developing highly custom solutions that solve their problems and ultimately transform their organizations. The Senior Consultant needs to be able to juggle dozens of prospects at one time, prioritize the most important ones, and adapt to the personalities, corporate cultures, and procurement policies of companies interested in our services.

Ultimately, we would like this Senior Consultant to build, manage, and lead an entire consulting team, so that we can scale from reaching hundreds of companies, to reaching thousands.
Mission / Purpose of this PositionWe know our market and understand our clients exceptionally well, but we need a more dedicated focus on meeting rapidly increasing market demand. We are looking for someone who loves to be part of a highly talented, growing team and is passionate about taking ownership of their role in growing the company. The right candidate will take this on as a mission, not a just a job, and will ensure we not only support our growth, but end up dominating our market.

  • Needs to be able to adapt to all different types of personalities, sizes/cultures of organizations, and strategic needs of clients.

  • Excellent "chess player" — able to assess where companies are in the decision-making process and figure out what needs to be done to ultimately close the deal. The right candidate is someone who in his/her daily life thinks 8 steps ahead, and is able to readily alter plans as needed to continually progress towards their goals.

  • Exceptional memory, with the ability to remember and juggle dozens of potential engagements without missing a beat, while always prioritizing the most important ones. The right person will know at all times where every single prospect is in the process without having to consult notes, CRM, etc. They will also be able to narrow their focus when needed on mega deals without dropping the ball on other inquiries.

  • Tremendous integrity. This position is not about manipulation or selling what we don't have. Its about assessing needs, solving problems, and knowing the right steps to take along what can often be a highly complex process involving multiple stakeholders.

  • The right person will never compromise the long term for the short term — and will innately understand it is possible to both do well and do good when you design the right solutions for the right clients in the right way.

  • Resilience tempered by wisdom. We are looking for someone who is determined beyond belief, but understands the difference between being assertive and aggressive. The right person will have the courage to try anything worth trying, but will also know when to pull back, when to gently push, and when to negotiate from a position of strength.

  • In summary, we are looking for someone who understands that success in consulting is not about pushing the client but instead pushing themselves.

Compensation:Base salary of $100,000 plus bonuses; 401(k) with 3% employer contribution; medical, dental, and vision insurance, plus other benefits.
To apply:Please send your resume and cover letter to and please state 'Senior Consultant' in the subject line.

PHP Software Programmer

Job Title:PHP Software Programmer
Location:Company Headquarters in El Segundo, CA.
Summary:Financial Finesse is looking for an experienced PHP programmer who is a self-starter. Working directly with our senior software developer, you will have the opportunity to make a big impact on the success of our business through innovative software design and solutions. We are a boutique firm on the cutting edge of the Financial Wellness industry, in need of someone who has experience building applications. The successful candidate will be able to understand how our custom-built applications work in order to troubleshoot and improve them. The position is expected to grow into increasing levels of responsibility within our corporation. You must have a proven track record of working in a high stress environment with a diverse group of non-technical people. Experience running queries to pull statistics out of several databases would be a plus.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and troubleshoot our applications, especially those built in house

  • Solicit feedback from the team on needed modifications to existing programs

  • Write, test, and deploy software to replace or improve specific tasks

  • Support our senior developer with the creation of new applications

  • Document existing procedures and applications with an eye to find ways to improve upon them

  • Based on requests from our team, efficiently query databases for specific statistics

Required Competencies:

  • Strong knowledge of PHP 5.3+

  • Good understanding of OOP, design patterns and MVC frameworks, some practical working experience with PHP MVC framework (Zend Framework preferred

  • Good troubleshooting skills

  • Strong understanding of relational database technologies and SQL, ability to build complex queries, experience with MySQL is preferred. Any exposure to PostgreSQL is a plus. Any experience with NoSQL database technologies (like MongoDB) is a big plus

  • Strong familiarity with LAMP stack, working experience with at least one of the major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat/CentOS etc.) and package management software (yum and/or apt-get)

  • Experience using Git, SVN or other version control software

  • Strong front-end development skills: Javascript, jQuery, CSS and HTML

  • Experience with reporting software such as Jasper or Crystal Reports is a plus

  • Good understanding of best practices for application security

  • Perl and Python are a plus

  • You will be asked to submit a sample of your code, later in the application process

  • B.S. degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience

Compensation:Base salary of $70,000 plus bonuses; 401(k) with 3% employer contribution; medical, dental, and vision insurance, plus other benefits, such as flexible hours and casual attire in the office.
To apply:Please send your resume and contact information to and please state 'PHP Software Programmer' in the subject line.

Resident Financial Planner

Job Title:Resident Financial Planner
Location:Various locations.
Summary:Become a member of our Think Tank of financial planners, responsible for providing unbiased financial education and resources to consumers over the phone, in writing and face-to-face. In order to ensure 100% unbiased perspectives, our financial planners must be willing to forgo all existing clients and planning practice.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Financial Counseling - take calls from consumers with a variety of personal finance issues including Debt, Money Management, Investing, Retirement Planning, Taxes, Real Estate, Estate Planning and College Planning

  • Workshops - facilitate up to 2-hour interactive Financial Education Workshops for audiences of 15-40; travel required

  • Consultations - provide up to one-hour consultations for consumers who need assistance with goal setting and putting together a customized step-by-step action plan that will help them achieve their goals

  • Product Development - provide assistance on initiatives related to content development (articles, FAQ's), QA/fact-checking, knowledge base development & various research projects

  • Working with companies/individuals who inquire about our services using our consultative methodology

  • Keep current on tax law changes and other relevant financial topics and news.

  • Continually seek the necessary resources and information to maintain expert status and ensure Financial Finesse products and services are accurate
Required Competencies:
  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designee—MUST be current and active; other designations are a bonus

  • Minimum of 10 years practical experience

  • Consultative approach - active listening and assessment of needs, compassion and understanding, ability to change approach based on individual needs and speaking in terms people can relate to and understand

  • Thorough knowledge of all aspects of financial planning for individuals, small business owners and others

  • Ability to gather research and compile data and information in a clear and usable format

  • Understands the difference between education and advice

  • Excellent public speaking skills - previous experience facilitating financial workshops

  • Excellent phone manner and presence; call center experience is highly desirable

  • Effective communication skills - verbally and in writing

  • Ability to multi-task and work on teams

  • Extremely flexible and willing to work in a fast changing environment

  • National travel required (up to 50%)

  • B.A. or B.S. Degree

  • Working knowledge of all Microsoft applications and comfortable with using home grown database technologies
Compensation:Base salary of $80,000 plus bonuses; 401(k) with 3% employer contribution; medical, dental, and vision insurance, plus other benefits
To apply:Please send your resume and cover letter to and please state 'Resident Financial Planner position' in the subject line.

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