About Us

Our History

Financial Finesse was created in 1999 with a single mission: to help people from all walks of life become financially secure and independent.

Financial Finesse is the brainchild of Liz Davidson, formerly the CEO of a hedge fund company, after she discovered major gaps in how high net worth investors were managing their money. She became increasingly concerned about the state of financial literacy, not only among her investors, but Americans as a whole.

After an exhaustive search, Davidson realized there was a major hole in the market place: People had an endless array of options with respect to how to manage their money, with hundreds of thousands of financial professionals licensed to sell financial products and services, but there was no firm she could find that was dedicated to simply educating people about their options.

Davidson sought to change that by getting out of the investment management business and getting into the financial education business—focusing on providing employers with financial education programs to help their employees reduce their financial stress, better manage their benefits, and effectively prepare for retirement.

Today, Financial Finesse is the leading provider in the growing financial wellness industry, with over 600 corporate clients and 2.4 million employees using our services.

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