We believe everyone deserves access to unbiased financial guidance.

That’s why, in 1999, we invented the concept of financial wellness coaching as an employee benefit. Since then, it’s been our mission to change as many financial lives as possible by partnering with employers who care and investing in quality and innovation.

Meet our Founder, Liz Davidson

Widely recognized as the pioneer of workplace financial wellness, Liz founded Financial Finesse at the age of 28. Prior to this, she ran a hedge fund and was surprised to find that even among her highly sophisticated clientele, there was still a significant knowledge gap regarding financial planning. This group had the buffer of wealth, but it made her wonder, “what about everyone else?”

Driven by this realization, she left the hedge fund industry in 1999 to establish an unbiased financial wellness company to help employees from all walks of life reduce financial stress, gain the confidence needed to make informed decisions, and achieve long-term financial security.

The Financial Finesse story

Financial Finesse disrupted the financial services industry in 1999 by providing everyday Americans with access to expert, unbiased, and personalized financial coaching, subsidized fully by their employers, at no cost to them—something that was only available to high net-worth individuals at the time. We coined the term “financial wellness” and are credited with creating the now burgeoning industry.

Our continued innovation and growth has created a tremendous ripple effect in the Human Resources, benefits, financial services, and retirement industries, cementing financial wellness as a must have employee benefit, with tens of thousands of firms now providing innovative solutions to employees from all walks of life to help them make better financial decisions. Today, Financial Finesse stands as the largest independent provider of financial coaching as an employee benefit.

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Our leadership team

Liz Davidson

Founder and ceo

Cristina Flores


Dusten Salinas


Kevin Fattor


Namita Shah

Chief Commercial officer

Jim Jacobucci, CFP®

Director of Planner
Mgmt & Development

Linda Robertson, CFP®

Director of Planner

Maggie Weinberg

Sr. Director of Marketing

Kelsey Anderson

Chief of staff

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Awards and recognition

Our mission to bring critically needed financial wellness coaching to the 99%
fuels our innovation engine. Here are some recent accolades.

Winner: 2023 & 2024

Winner: Best Personal Finance Platform

Winner: Boldest AI

Finalist: Personal Finance Tech of the Year

Finalist: Chief in Tech Leader of the Year


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

2023 Signature Awards Nestlé & Financial Finesse

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