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Will You Still Need Life Insurance When You Retire?

Many important decisions must be made as you approach retirement. How much income will you need?Are you on track to retire? How much will your health care cost? What are the best investment options? Read more


Financial Rules Of Thumb: Retirement Savings

Continuing my financial rules of thumb series, this week let’s talk about a question that pretty much every person has asked me on our Financial Helpline: How much should I be saving for retirement and how much do I need total? While the answer varies depending on each person’s circumstances, goals and ultimately their values, there are some rules of thumb for those who either don’t feel like running a retirement estimator calculation or who just aren’t quite sure yet what their goals are. Read more

How To Save For Retirement Without Your Employer’s Help

At Financial Finesse, we help people make the most of their employer’s benefits to improve their retirement preparedness. But we recently received a comment on one of our Facebook posts from someone whose company doesn’t offer retirement benefits. If you’re in a similar situation, what can you do? Here are some options:  Read more

What’s Really Scaring Us This Halloween

What are you afraid of this Halloween? Forget ghosts and goblins. According to a report released last year by Bank of America’s Merrill Edge, there’s a 55% chance you fear not having enough money in retirement (versus 37% for losing your job and 25% for gaining weight). Read more

Do You Still Believe These Financial Fairy Tales?

I was talking with one of my friends about a recent experience she had while watching a movie that is a twist on an old Disney fairy tale. It made her question some of the “financial fairy tales” that she believed, based on her life experience. Here’s her story: Read more

Downsizing Your Retirement Expenses

As people get closer to retirement, priorities change. The financial resources spent on home improvements and the time and energy necessary to maintain a full-sized home often become a little more of a burden. As kids leave the house and launch into their careers and start building their own families, there’s often a bunch of unneeded space.  Read more

College saving

Financial Rules Of Thumb: Saving For College

Have you ever heard the rule of thumb that says you should wait 30 minutes to swim after eating? Or don’t leave your Christmas lights up past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Perhaps you’ve read some of the arguments both for and against the edict to drink 8 glasses of water per day. And of course, there’s the rule that gets a lot of kids in trouble: question authority. But while these rules may not always ring true, generally speaking, they are good guidelines for getting you through life a little easier.  Read more

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I was recently talking to my parents about Social Security and was surprised to discover that they had no idea they could delay their benefits past their retirement.This is important because it’s usually the best strategy yet most people collect at the earliest age of 62. Here are some reasons why delaying might make sense:  Read more

Passive Income Strategies For Retirement (And Now)

Last week, I had lunch with my good friend Brian who just happens to be a local realtor. Normally when we hang out, it is on the soccer field so as a result, we don’t get to discuss business too often. However, our recent discussion was a little different because we actually had time to talk about some passive income strategies. Read more

5 Retirement Questions You Need To Ask

When do you plan on retiring? When I ask this question during financial wellness workshops and webinars, I find that most people have at least a ballpark idea of when they would like to have the freedom to quit work. In fact, some people completely light up with a lightning fast response of “yesterday, today, or tomorrow” when I ask about that desired retirement date. For most of us, retirement is a top financial priority and there can be a difference between “desired” retirement dates and the actual realistic target date for retirement. Regardless of what your vision of the ideal retirement may look like, here are five basic questions that should be at the heart of all retirement planning activities: Read more

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