What A Sleazy Financial Advisor Is Really Telling You

In a long rambling conversation around a fire pit, perhaps involving an adult beverage or two, the conversation turned to a name that I hadn’t heard in a few years….Bernie Madoff.Because I’m a financial planner and no one else around the fire was involved in the financial services business, somehow I was the “designated expert.” Everyone wanted to know the “secret language” spoken by sleazy financial advisors like Madoff and what it means. So here is a half-lighthearted, half-serious attempt to translate some sleazy financial “advisorese:” Read more

stock market decline

Worried About the Stock Market Decline?

The first two weeks of 2016 have been horrible for the stock market.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 8.25% from 1/1 through 1/15.  That is a bad year and it only took 2 weeks!    Read more

How Would You Take the Powerball Winnings?

What would you do if you won yesterday’s $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot? Before you start thinking about how to spend a billion and a half dollars, understand that you won’t get it all at once. Instead, it’s paid out in 30 installments over 29 years. If you want the money now, you only get $930 million. Then there’s taxes. Read more

What’s Your Plan For a Financial Independence Day?

One of the ideas in our CEO’s recently released book, What Your Financial Advisor Isn’t Telling You, is declaring a “Financial Independence Day.” Of course, the concept of “financial independence” means different things to different people. I personally think of financial independence as consisting of three different levels: Read more

The Less Than 2 Hours a Week Money Prescription

Our newest blogger, Cynthia Meyer, wrote an excellent blog post on Monday about a “two hour a week money prescription.” While I think her suggestions can work perfectly for many people, others may find that even two hours a week seems like an unrealistic amount of time to be spent on finances. If you’re in that camp, don’t worry!  Read more

Financial Lessons From a Rugby Field

As I write this, I have clothing in the dryer and when it’s done, I’m throwing some of it in a bag and hitting the road. The university where I played rugby is playing in the college national championships this weekend. Some of my old teammates are the coaches and I’m still involved with the team in various capacities. I will probably be watching game tape of our Saturday opponent in the round of four and if we win (yes, I still say “we” when talking about a group of college kids playing rugby), I’ll spend part of Saturday night breaking down tape with the coaches for our Sunday opponent in the National Championship game. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to hit the road to see the boys play with the prospect of a national championship trophy in reach.  Read more

The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Money?

When one of my colleagues recently sent me an article titled “The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Money, According to a Millennial,” I was intrigued. After all, it can be fun to bust myths, especially about something as important as saving money, and hearing a Millennial perspective is interesting, both because I might be one myself (I was born in 1979 and Millennials are sometimes described as being born in the late 70s and other times in the early 80s so maybe I’m actually something called an Xennial) and because they (or we) are the future. The article features the views of Ethan Bloch, the 30-yr old founder of Digit, an online financial company. Here are the “myths” about saving that Bloch aims to correct: Read more

What’s Really Scaring Us This Halloween

What are you afraid of this Halloween? Forget ghosts and goblins. According to a report released last year by Bank of America’s Merrill Edge, there’s a 55% chance you fear not having enough money in retirement (versus 37% for losing your job and 25% for gaining weight). Read more

What Are Your Funds Really Costing You?

In one of my recent conversations with an employee preparing for retirement, we covered a lot of territory over a number of sessions. In running his retirement projections, he was WAY ahead of the curve. He had his estate plan prepared by an excellent attorney.  Read more

Passive Income Strategies For Retirement (And Now)

Last week, I had lunch with my good friend Brian who just happens to be a local realtor. Normally when we hang out, it is on the soccer field so as a result, we don’t get to discuss business too often. However, our recent discussion was a little different because we actually had time to talk about some passive income strategies. Read more

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