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What’s Really Scaring Us This Halloween

What are you afraid of this Halloween? Forget ghosts and goblins. According to a report released last year by Bank of America’s Merrill Edge, there’s a 55% chance you fear not having enough money in retirement (versus 37% for losing your job and 25% for gaining weight). Read more

What Are Your Funds Really Costing You?

In one of my recent conversations with an employee preparing for retirement, we covered a lot of territory over a number of sessions. In running his retirement projections, he was WAY ahead of the curve. He had his estate plan prepared by an excellent attorney.  Read more

Passive Income Strategies For Retirement (And Now)

Last week, I had lunch with my good friend Brian who just happens to be a local realtor. Normally when we hang out, it is on the soccer field so as a result, we don’t get to discuss business too often. However, our recent discussion was a little different because we actually had time to talk about some passive income strategies. Read more

How To Talk To Twenty-Somethings About Money

I recently was having a conversation with my niece and nephew about their future again. Have you ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with a 20 and 22 year old about finances? After about 5 minutes into the conversation, I could still see their physical bodies but I knew their minds were on another planet. So after what was a 5 minute conversation to me but probably felt like a 3 hour lecture to them, I stopped. Then I asked what it is that I was saying that rendered them brain dead. Read more

What To Do (And Not Do) During This Market Downturn

Have you looked at your 401k statement lately? If so, you might have been tempted to sell out of any stock funds you have. Don’t. You’ll likely be turning a temporary loss into a permanent one. Read more

What If Money Fell Into Your Lap?

In a story that may or may not eventually turn out to be true, two men claim to have found a train that allegedly vanished at the end of the Nazi regime and it was (in theory) loaded with valuables. They are offering to share that location with authorities if they are given 10% of the value.  There are all kinds of legal, ethical and moral questions that would surround a found former Nazi treasure trove should this train actually exist and should they be given a nice finder’s fee. That could, if it’s a whole train filled with valuables, be quite the fortune! What are they going to do with it? Read more

Permanent Life Insurance or Mortgage Payoff?

We recently received a question on our Facebook page from a couple in their 50’s who are trying to decide between a fixed universal life insurance policy with a quoted return of “7% minus fees” vs paying off a mortgage with a 3.5% interest rate. This combines two common question topics: using permanent life insurance as an investment and paying off a mortgage early. Let’s take a look at some things to consider: Read more

Can You Put Your Investment Plan On A Note Card?

Does investing seem complicated? Despite the presence of overly complicated financial strategies and the often vexing financial jargon used by financial professionals, investing does not have to be so complex.Investing is simply a balancing act where the challenge is to find the ideal balance between risk and reward.  Read more

Some Of The Riskiest Investments May Surprise You

One of the biggest fears people have when it comes to investing is a year like 2008, when the US stock market fell almost 40%. But as long as you didn’t bail out of stocks, you would have recovered your losses in about 5 years and then gone on to make more money. The same is true of every other market downturn since the Great Depression. If you’re worried about the real risk of permanent loss, some of the riskiest investments actually seem much safer. Here are ones that may surprise you: Read more

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