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Financial Twinkies

Tweet As a dad, one of my jobs is to make sure that my kids learn some foundational nutrition guidelines. So any time I see a story like this, that talks about how many of the popular cereals (some of … Continue reading

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What Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Investing

Tweet I fielded my first fantasy football team back in the late 90’s, and what I enjoyed most about it was that it gave me an excuse to watch games I would otherwise care less about.  (I mean after all, … Continue reading

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FSA: Use It, Don’t Lose It – 5 Ways to Use Your FSA by Year End

Tweet As the year comes to a close, many people are decorating their homes for the holidays and stocking up their pantries for company.  Others who have Flexible Spending Accounts are scheduling colonoscopies instead!  What gives?  Since the FSA has … Continue reading

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The Day After Black Friday

Tweet What is the day after Black Friday called? I have no idea if it actually has a name, but after reading news stories and seeing things all over the internet and on Twitter, I have a few suggestions. “Retail hangover … Continue reading

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7 Gifts That Can Keep on Giving

Tweet Rather than give away more fish this holiday season, why not teach them how to fish with a gift of financial education? After all, New Year’s is coming up and better money management is one of the most common … Continue reading

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The Dollars and Sense of Holiday Gift Giving

Tweet The holidays are upon us, and it is often said of gifts that it’s the thought that counts, but have you ever received a gift and said to yourself, “What were they thinking?!?”  If you’re like me, you’ve spent … Continue reading

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The Impact of Financial Stress on Job Productivity

Tweet Stress is a part of life and isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing.  Personally, I prefer less stress.  But, in small doses stress can help us perform better under pressure and provide the necessary motivation to perform important … Continue reading

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Who Pays When Your Tree Falls on Your Neighbor’s House?

Tweet If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?  That interesting  question is a philosophical thought experiment.  A question that is more relevant to everyday life is, … Continue reading

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