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The Financial Wellness Think Tank was founded to safeguard and advance the financial wellness movement we pioneered in 1999. Through unbiased research informed by extensive proprietary data, we provide insights, showcase best practices, and drive innovation in areas most needed by employers and employees.


Workplace Financial Wellness in America: A Year in Review

Meet our Director
Greg Ward, CFP®

Greg oversees industry-leading research focused on financial wellness best practices and emerging trends. Recent examples include studies on the evolving financial priorities of Millennials and Gen Z, as well as the persistent racial disparities in financial well-being and wealth. Greg served as the Vice Chair of EBRI’s Financial Wellbeing Research Center during the 2020-21 term and frequently shares insights at industry events. He has developed comprehensive industry standards for designing, delivering, and measuring the ROI of financial wellness programs offered as employer-paid benefits.

In partnership with other thought leaders in the space, our Think Tank has quantified the ROI of financial coaching.

Estimated ROI in three key areas:

(per 1,000 employees)

Reducing financial stress


Streamlining benefits administration


Creating a culture of wellness


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Research and publications

Explore our research and publications for insights and best practices that have been
proven to drive ROI while positively impacting employees’ lives.

The Unlikely Place Where Women Are Finding Relief from Financial Stress

The Unlikely Place Where Women Are Finding Relief from Financial Stress

Can you guess which employees are the most financially stressed? Research shows that 55% of lower to middle income mothers …

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