Summary of Key Components of the CARES Act for Employees and Employers

CARES Act Highlights Unemployment Compensation Benefits Standard unemployment amount increased by $600 per week, and the benefit period is extended to 39 weeks (from 26 weeks). Benefit will be available at week one. Benefit has been extended to gig economy workers and self-employed individuals as well as individuals who were scheduled to start a new job but could not. Stimulus Package Based on latest tax return, individual taxpayers with an AGI of $75,000 ($150,000 MFJ, $112,500 HOH) or less will be … Continued

2020 Stimulus Checks: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

The Economic Impact Payments are one of the more popular provisions of the CARES Act, which was signed into law in late March, 2020. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions we are receiving. How much will I receive? The amount you receive will depend on what was reported on your most recent … Continued

COVID-19 Relief For Rent & Mortgage Payments

What should you do if the COVID-19 situation makes it difficult to pay the rent or mortgage due to lost wages, caring for a sick family member, or your own illness? Passage of the federal CARES Act on March 27, 2020 may provide some relief. If you rent: Evictions are frozen for 120 days for … Continued

Don’t Touch Your Face…Or Your Portfolio

The following post is an excerpt from the Financial Finesse Personal Finance FORBES Blog. You can read the original post in its entirety here. These last few weeks have been terrifying for almost anyone with money in the stock market. You may be tempted to reduce the amount you have in stocks or even get out … Continued

FAQs from Your COVID-19 Financial Survival Kit Webcast

You may have joined our recent webcast titled Your Covid-19 Financial Survival Kit. We had a lot of questions come through during the sessions so we want to share the commonly asked ones, with their answers! Our facilitator, Bruce Young, CFP, has provided written answers below. Take a look at the different topic areas, and … Continued

Employee FAQ’s Regarding Their Health And Wealth During COVID-19

In addition to the COVID-19 Financial Survival Kit Webcast, the FF team has received hundreds of proactive and reactive calls and emails from employees asking what they could and should be doing financially during this volatile time. We wanted to share some of the most frequently asked questions we’re hearing and the responses from our … Continued

What You Can Do for Your Employees During Covid-19

While there have been countless resources made available on how to address the health implications of COVID-19, there are far fewer resources regarding how to best navigate both the immediate and future financial implications of this pandemic. During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to provide you with reminders on how you can empower employees … Continued

How To Make Financial And Life Decisions in Uncertain Times

If you are a planner like me (full disclosure, I am not a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, but a planner in the generic sense), who likes to analyze all of her available options before making a thoughtful and well-informed decision, you may feel frozen from action in the current environment. New developments on public health … Continued

9 Ideas To Work From Home Successfully While Also Creating Fun For Your Kids

In the wave of the abrupt lifestyle changes prompted by COVID-19, having kids home all week without school or daycare is possibly one of biggest challenges for parents to manage, especially as we all adjust to working from home perhaps for the first time. Watching cabin-fevered kids binge-watch Netflix while inhaling their third snack by … Continued

5 Ways To Help Those Most Impacted By COVID-19

With COVID-19 sending millions to work-from-home and forcing businesses to temporarily shut their doors, nearly everyone is experiencing dramatic changes in their lifestyle. If you are one of the lucky few who have been able to adjust without major impact on your cash flow, there are a few things you can do to help those … Continued

Are You Financially Immune From The Next Emergency?

The following post is an except from the Financial Finesse Personal Finance FORBES Blog. You can read the original post in its entirety here.