Q&A with Financial Finesse CEO, Liz Davidson

Financial Finesse’s 2019 Year in Review Research Study & The Impact of a New Normal Post COVID-19 View the entire COVID-19 best practices abstract “The Impact of a New Normal” here. 1. Question: What were the most significant takeaways from the 2019 Year in Review report?  Answer: For this year’s report we looked at how engagement in online, group, … Continued

What You Can Do for Your Employees During Covid-19

While there have been countless resources made available on how to address the health implications of COVID-19, there are far fewer resources regarding how to best navigate both the immediate and future financial implications of this pandemic. During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to provide you with reminders on how you can empower employees … Continued

Workplace Financial Wellness Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, answers some of the most common questions about workplace financial wellness programs, such as how to have an impact on every employee generation present in the workforce; where fintech tools fit into your program; how to decipher between financial wellness programs and financial education programs; and more.

Workplace Financial Wellness Programs: Best Practices Guide

Our best practices guide for workplace financial wellness programs defines what it means to be financially well, and what constitutes a workplace financial wellness program to help employers avoid ‘bait and switch’ providers who are marketing themselves as financial wellness providers when in reality, they are aiming to sell employees a financial product or service. … Continued

Integrating Employee Benefits Into Workplace Financial Wellness

Employees Say Benefits Drive Their Engagement with Their Employer, But The Vast Majority Don’t Maximize The Benefits They Have Employees who understand, maximize and appreciate the value of their employee benefits are happier at work and more productive and engaged.  This isn’t just a guess  — the research agrees. Per SHRM’s 2016 Employee Job Satisfaction … Continued

How to Actually Change Employee Financial Behaviors

What motivates employees to take action to improve their financial health? The single most important part of providing a financial wellness program is motivating lasting changes to the way employees manage their finances. Without doing this, you won’t be able to meet the objectives for the program, including cost savings from an increase in benefits … Continued

How To Design a Highly Effective Workplace Financial Wellness Program

What’s the best way to design a workplace financial wellness program? At their core, effective programs meet the strategic needs of your business. Key areas that drive the creation of workplace financial wellness programs are: Attracting and retaining talented employees; Employee financial stress, which costs your organization in areas like higher health care costs, absenteeism … Continued

Making the Case for Workplace Financial Wellness

The American workplace is constantly changing. At one time, people generally stayed with one employer throughout their entire career and then retired with a gold watch and a big pension until they passed away. Then over the last 25 years, employers increasingly shifted from those traditional defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans which left … Continued

The HR Benefit Manager’s Guide to Implementing Financial Wellness

Interest in financial wellness is exploding, and many companies have questions about what a financial wellness program is and how to implement one. Corporate benefit managers seeking financial wellness solutions are asking themselves, “Is this a wellness initiative?  A benefits initiative? Both? How do I find the solution that best fits our company?”

Five Common Mistakes Employees Make in Benefits Planning

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “start off on the right foot.” It’s a guideline that can be applied to everything in life, from starting a new career to getting married. But a lot of times, we make initial mistakes that lead to others – we’re not only on the wrong foot; we’re wearing the … Continued

“Bright Spots” in Benefits Communication and Education

We’ve all heard that we learn more from our failures than our successes.   But is that really true?  Recent research demonstrates the opposite to be true—that there is actually a tremendous amount we can learn from our success.  And, further, that leveraging our successes can create major, systemic change and transform cultures within organizations, … Continued

Does Financial Wellness At Work Really Work?

What exactly is an unbiased workplace financial wellness program?  Companies interested in providing one need to understand the essential components of this new workplace benefit.  Behavioral finance expert Dr. Scott Spann explains how using the right success metrics, services, and customization can result in both financially healthier employees and an increase to the companies’ bottom … Continued

The Unlikely Place Where Women Are Finding Relief from Financial Stress

Can you guess which employees are the most financially stressed? Research shows that 55% of lower to middle income mothers have “high” or “overwhelming” levels of financial stress.  Thankfully, many of them are turning to their workplace financial wellness programs to help reduce their level of financial stress. Learn more about how these valuable initiatives … Continued