Juan Carlos Medina - Financial Planner

Juan Carlos Medina, CFP®

Personal Financial Coach

Madison, WI

My Story

Juan Carlos’ mother was a social worker, which had a major impact on him. He witnessed how much she was able to help others in the most trying of circumstances, and often times his mother would get him involved with outreach programs within their church community. As Juan Carlos grew up, he discovered his passion for connecting with and helping others. He took an interest in personal finance because it affects so many facets of our life.

After graduating, he set out to make an impact and do things differently. After over 15 of years of working at some of the largest financial institutions, Juan Carlos realized that in order to do this in the best manner possible, he could not have the pressure to sell and needed to focus on providing education and coaching from a truly unbiased and conflict-free place.

Finding Financial Finesse was one of the most exciting moments of his professional life. He finally found a place that was born out of this very realization. A company full of individuals that believed in the mission and the impact it could have on people from all walks of life. Juan Carlos finally found his home!

Some Key Life Milestones I’ve Crossed:

  • Marrying my wife Elizabeth
  • Becoming a parent to two amazing children
  • Moving from the East Coast to the Midwest
  • Navigating several setbacks in order to discover my life’s passion

What I’m Focused On :

  • Buying our first home
  • Increasing our savings
  • Being a conscious consumer
  • Achieving financial independence by age 55 or earlier

Years of Experience


Specialty Areas

Money Management


B.A. in Economics and Psychology, Rutgers University – Rutgers College