Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, you may think that the good deals are gone as well. Fortunately, this just isn’t the case. While it’s true that steep discounts are to be had on those famous shopping days, plenty of items are still discounted both online and at the mall. They may not be advertised as loudly, but with a little effort, the remaining deals aren’t that hard to find.

1. Research
Sign up at the website FatWallet to be notified of deals from both online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Just make sure you act fast on the deals you want because some discounts disappear virtually as soon as they’re posted.

2. Check the Dollar Store
Whether shopping for inexpensive stocking stuffers or holiday decorations, don’t overlook your local dollar store. Toys may not be high quality, but the decorations, ornaments, and other accessories will most definitely suffice. Plus, they are often indistinguishable from the same items at pricier stores.

3. Set a Budget
Have you made a budget yet this year? If not, the time is now. Look at what you’ve spent so far on presents, decorating, and other holiday expenses, and figure out how much remains to wrap up the rest of your gift list. Consider that giving something modest is often a far better option than the long-term cost of high credit card balances.

4. Open a New Credit Card
If you currently don’t have the following credit cards in your arsenal, consider signing up for one or more: The Discover More card offers additional discounts through its Shop Discover program, and the Target RedCard gives you a 5% discount on all purchases. If you like to shop at Best Buy or Kohl’s, you can get 5% cash back with the Chase Freedom card until the end of the year.

5. Check eBay and Amazon
In addition to your other online research, always consider Amazon and eBay. The individual resellers there are generally in tune with holiday sale prices and will most likely reduce their pricing in order to stay competitive. Just make sure you purchase from someone with an outstanding feedback rating.

Final Thoughts
If you’ve got someone on your list that you simply can’t find a gift for, skip the madness and get them a gift card. Just be sure to choose one with no fees and no expiration date. The stress and expense of holiday gift shopping should never get in the way of the true spirit of the season – which is giving, being gracious, and looking back fondly on the year that has passed.

How else can you save money on holiday gifts?