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All the stories were provided by employees we’ve worked with, but images were changed to protect their privacy.

Tackling Credit Card Debt

"My financial planner, Michael, was a life saver. I had so much credit card debt and saw no way out. He explored every option with me - explained that I could borrow from my 401K and helped me reduce my credit card debt by half. He also devised a plan that will help me pay off the rest of the credit card debt in a year. Now there is an end in sight and I am on my way to becoming debt free and financially stable!" - 1 on 1 Consultation Attendee

Catching Up on Retirement Savings

"Thanks for your help the other day, Doug! After you helped me realize that I could contribute to my Roth IRA in addition to having maxed out my 401K contributions (I will check on this too), I went ahead and contributed in time for 2015, and fully contributed to my 2016 IRA as well." - Dave T.

Eliminating Debt

“After talking with the planner, I have a plan for getting rid of the balances of 2 credit cards very quickly. One of his suggestions led me to my bank which led me to being able to completely clear my consumer credit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I can breathe freer now!” - Anonymous

Allocating Extra Money Well

"The Financial Finesse program helped me prioritize various financial issues, such as reduction of debt, retirement planning and saving for my childrens' college tuitions." - Financial Helpline Caller

Increasing Savings

"The financial planner helped me change my perspective on my finances. It took me a few days to process everything that we had spoken about and I didn't make any changes for the first few days. After speaking with my husband and weighing our options, we decided that what the financial planner had advised was really the best plan for us and the following week we started making changes. It helped knowing that if we had any questions I could schedule another session with the financial planner." - 1 on 1 Consultation Attendee

Planning for College Costs

Planner: Greg via Webcast Particpation Problem: Wanted to better understand how to prepare for children’s college costs. Suggested Action Steps: Decided she should review cost estimates, plan ahead, and understand her options and resources. Results: She was motivated to be more proactive. Testimonial: “Thanks, Greg!  This was easily one of the best webcasts I’ve ever attended.  Very information and helpful.  You taught me a ton and, more importantly, got me really motivated to be more proactive.” – Anonymous

Paying for College

"Peace of mind. It was the best hour I ever spent with a Financial Consultant. I was offered a great roadmap for paying college tuition for my children, in addition to outstanding advice for future investments." - Guy M.

Dealing with Disability

"The planner helped me to understand how to better save and invest my money, he put it in terms I could understand and encouraged having my spouse be on future calls." - Anonymous

Refinancing to Save Money

Planner: Greg via Helpline consultation Problem: She wanted to know if it made sense financially to refinance her mortgage. Suggested Action Steps: We reviewed the length of her current mortgage and renewal terms, the current versus new P&I payment, and the cost to close to determine that refinancing was the right thing for her to do. Results: We determined she should refinance and as a result, she will save $17,000 in interest. Testimonial: “Thank you so much for all your assistance. I can live with those numbers a bit better… more digestible. Thank you Greg. I am more at peace with...

Rebuilding After a Divorce

"I went into the consultation with a focused list of questions and a tentative plan to help me reach my retirement goals. One day after the consultation, I implemented all of the plans discussed and feel more confident now about my ability to meet my retirement timeline." - Pamela W.

Escaping Enormous Debt

"My consultation was amazing, I think I am just in a different situation than most with overwhelming student loan debt. The financial advisor I met with was awesome and I would recommend this to anyone!" - 1 on 1 Consultation Attendee

Drafting a Trust

"Thank you so much for all the research you did on my behalf, and for the gold mine of information you sent to me. It is apparent you went above and beyond to investigate my inquiry." - Financial Helpline Caller

Evaluating Financial Opportunities

"I've never consulted a financial planner before - I assumed they were only for people who make more money than my husband and I do. I was pleasantly surprised after contacting the Financial Finesse helpline to discover that there is help for every facet of financial planning. There are no questions or judgements about where we are financially - just thoughtful advice on how to make better financial choices for the near term and the future." - Financial Helpline Caller

Balancing Financial Priorities

"The website that was recommended to track monthly purchases was very helpful. It gave a clear line of site to where our money was going each month and will help us be more thoughtful when making purchases." - Lynn M.

Choosing the Best Investments

Planner: Daphne via Helpline Consultation Problem: Wanted to learn how to choose the best investments during her company’s annual investment selection time. Suggested Action Steps: I explained the different investment options and helped her see how her current mix of 100% stocks was way riskier than she understood or wanted. Results: She changed to a more appropriate mix for a retiree. Testimonial: “Thank YOU Daphne…it was good talking with you and I now am confident and happy about this decision…was having some sleepless nights. You have a wonderful day!” -Anonymous

Revising Budgets

"I was nervous that I would never be able to save enough for retirement or afford the contributions. The planner showed me how to do this without lowering my monthly take home pay too low. I am currently saving to buy a home." - 1 on 1 Consultation Attendee

Dealing with Reduced Income

"Since we last talked, it’s been a very difficult few months. Many things have happened and we hit a point financially where I didn’t think we’d make it out unscathed. We were overdrawn most of the time and at any given moment, we were behind on many bills. However, we are better now. sat down and took inventory of everything financial and then split up the bills to call and ask for help where we could. gave us 2 “free” months of no car payment (tacked on to the end). ...

Defining Your Financial Future

"I wanted to thank you for your patience and kindness!! I was very intimidated to looking into my financial future, because I wasn’t sure that where I wanted to go was possible. You gave me direction that is both hopeful and manageable. I am going to study what you’ve given me, and I am confident that I will be able to work towards a financial future that will fit the lifestyle that I hope to live." - Valerie B.

Dealing With a Spouse’s Job Loss

"I hope all is well. I’ve been reflecting on my financial situation over the past couple of days and I feel GREAT!!! I am so much more optimistic about the future and for the first time in years, I feel like I have a pretty good handle of my finances. I’ve been saving more and spending less on non-essential things. I’m taking steps to reduce my student loan debt and I have no credit card debt as of today. Pretty liberating! I am so thankful that you talked me out of supporting my...

Contributing to a 401k

"It was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone in length about my financial plans! You offer great tools and advice, and I feel much more confident about my retirement plans now that we've discussed them. Thank you again for all of your help in the past week, I'll be sure to reach out to you should I have any further questions." - Anonymous