(n): Fi•nan•cial Well•ness

WORD ORIGIN: Invented by Financial Finesse in 1999


1. Financial Wellness

A state of financial wellbeing where a person maintains:

A manageable level of financial stress

A lifestyle below their means

Emergency savings fund

No high-interest debt

Sufficient insurance
and estate plan

An ongoing plan to reach
future financial goals

Without clear standards, we run the risk of the Financial Wellness movement becoming a Trojan Horse for financial services providers to sell the same old products in the name of Financial Wellness.


2. Financial Wellness

A holistic employee benefit that provides ongoing and unlimited access to unbiased financial guidance and coaching, with the intent of helping employees achieve the state of financial wellbeing.

A Financial Wellness program must meet the following criteria to be considered a Financial Wellness benefit, versus financial education or financial advice:

Unbiased guidance with nothing to sell

Delivered as an ongoing process with support

Covers a broad range of financial topics from debt management to advanced estate planning

Personalized to the employee

Integrates all employee benefits

Free and unlimited access for all employees and families

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Financial Wellness Resource
HP Certification Institute, Financial Wellness Resource
SHRM Recertification Provider, Financial Wellness Resource

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