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Workplace Financial Planning

There Is A Growing Demand for Workplace Financial Education…

Employees desperately need guidance in order to effectively manage their retirement plans, financial benefits, and personal finances.

But Financial Services Firms See Your Employees As A Sales Channel…

For far too long, employees have been a sales channel for financial services firms, who see opportunities to come on site to your company and sell your employees financial products and services.

Even your 401(k) provider has a vested interest in getting employees to invest in specific funds—so much so that the Government Accountability Office recently issued a warning to companies about abuse in this area.


99% recommend the service to a co-worker.
99% 99% indicate financial education is an important part of their overall benefit.
98% are better prepared to make a financial decision.

Our Programs Solve This Dilemma

As an unbiased financial education provider, Financial Finesse does not sell any financial products, services for investments, nor do we manage assets.  100% of our revenue comes from the sale of financial education programs to organizations, so the financial guidance we provide is entirely free of any conflicts of interest and helps to reduce your fiduciary liability rather than increasing it.

All our workplace financial planning programs are delivered by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals who are employed as fulltime educators.   We have the ability to work with your employees ,at your worksite, on any financial issue, from serious debt to advanced estate planning through a process that integrates 1×1 financial planning sessions with ongoing phone-based financial coaching to provide your employees with the support they need to become financially secure.

All of Our Financial Education Programs Include

All programs are custom designed specifically for your company, and include:

  • a strategic marketing plan and materials,
  • ongoing reporting to measure success of the program,
  • and strategic consulting to continually improve and refine the program.

Programs typically combine online education with live workshops, 1x1 financial planning sessions, phone based financial coaching and webcasts for remote employees.

Research & Best Practices for Workplace Financial Planning

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