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Retirement Preparedness Programs

Most retirement education programs are unsuccessful because they are conducted as a one time annual event by firms whose primary purpose is to sell financial services not to educate employees.

By contrast, Financial Finesse approaches retirement education as an ongoing process delivering unbiased education and guidance through a number of different channels. Our award-winning retirement education and retirement planning programs are created and delivered by on-staff Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and have a proven track record of dramatically increasing employees’ retirement preparedness:

Our programs are effective because they operate from a completely different model utilizing the proven best practices based on the years of our Think Tank research.

Analysis of Traditional Retirement Education Model vs. Best Practices Model

Traditional Model Financial Finesse Best Practices Model
Riddled with conflicts of interest and potential legal problems. Unbiased financial education.
Advice driven. Guidance driven.
Focuses only on the retirement plan or investments. Focuses on improving employees overall financial security.
Done as a one time or annual event. Delivered as an ongoing process.
Single or separate channels is traditional. Multiple channels which are fully integrated.
Virtually no improvement in deferral rates over last 30 years. Significant improvements in deferral rates within one year.

All of Our Financial Education Programs Include

All programs are custom designed specifically for your company, and include:

  • a strategic marketing plan and materials,
  • ongoing reporting to measure success of the program,
  • and strategic consulting to continually improve and refine the program.

Programs typically combine online education with live workshops, 1x1 financial planning sessions, phone based financial coaching and webcasts for remote employees.

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