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Q2 2012 Research: Trends in Employee Financial Issues

Employees are continuing to approach their finances with a proactive, take control mindset, with a particularly strong focus on retirement planning. They also demonstrated some minor, but broad based improvements to their financial wellness in Q2—recovering some ground from a backslide in Q1.

  • Proactive financial questions continue to increase, as employees seek to improve their financial wellness as a preventative measure instead of waiting until a crisis happens to seek help. Nearly ¾ of questions we received in Q2 2012 were proactive in nature vs. 69% in Q2 2011, 66% in Q2 2010 and just 59% in Q2 2009.
  • Retirement planning questions also increased as a percentage of the total, with employees in most age and income groups indicating retirement planning as their biggest priority on an online financial wellness assessment.

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