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Financial Finesse Special Report: 2012 Financial Stress Research

Money, work, and the economy continue to be the leading causes of stress in America today, but stress levels due to financial concerns have been steadily decreasing over the past few years, and as we move farther away from the height of the Great Recession, many employees appear to have put it behind them.  In general, this is a positive trend, but there are some signs that complacency may be settling in.

Notable findings:

  • Employees who do not own their own home were 3 times more likely to report feeling overwhelmed with financial stress than those that do.
  • Married employees report lower levels of financial stress than their unmarried counterparts.
  • Employees with minor children report significantly higher levels of financial stress than those without.
  • Employees under age 30 reported less financial stress than their older counterparts in the 30-44 age range.
  • There is a gender gap associated with financial stress, with women significantly more financially stressed than men.

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