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4 Damaging Lies the Media Tells About Women and Money

May 12, 2015

“Reality entertainment.” Has a more ironic term ever existed?

Sure, it’s a wildly entertaining, if not guilty, pleasure for many of us, but does any of it represent actual reality? If The Real Housewives franchise, The Bachelor, or any of the Kardashians’ shows were an accurate reflection of women, one could come to the conclusion that, as a collective, we have about zero fiscal sense between us…


Wellness programs showing benefits for lower-income workers

May 11, 2015

Financial wellness programs are continuing to attract more employees, and that might be most beneficial to lower-income workers, according to Financial Finesse’s review of data from 2014.

The provider of wellness programs to large employers found that since 2010, sponsors are seeing participants access the tools at a 69 percent annual growth rate, indicating that if given the chance, workers will use tech-based education programs…


Financial Education Over Time Improves Savings Behaviors

May 08, 2015

Financial Finesse says employers offering an online financial learning platform since 2010—when the firm’s tool was originally launched—have seen registrations grow 59% annually, and overall usage grow 69% annually since then…


Financial Finesse’s Latest Study Reveals That Low Income Employees Are Making Improvements to Financial Behaviors

May 06, 2015

Financial Finesse, the leading provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness programs, has released its annual Year in Review study for 2014, analyzing trends in employees’ financial issues.

The study, which is based on online financial wellness assessments completed by employees who receive financial wellness as an employee benefit, found that employees are continuing to be more proactive with their finances. The most notable financial improvements were among low income employees who traditionally have limited access to personal financial guidance…



Health plan changes put added pressure on retirement savings

May 01, 2015

In an attempt to save money but still help employees plan for their futures, more organizations are moving to a holistic benefits education approach that addresses health care and retirement savings at the same time…


Is DOL education carve out plan too murky?

Apr 21, 2015

While last week’s proposed Department of Labor conflict of interest rule made substantial revisions to 2010’s proposal, one carve out affecting providers of financial and investment education remained intact. As with the DOL’s initial effort, the new proposal states that providers of “information and materials that constitute ‘investment education’ or ‘retirement education’” will not be considered fiduciariesunder a new rule…


For retirees, downsizing has many upsides

Apr 20, 2015

If you are getting on in age and still own the home you bought when your kids were young, you’ve probably given some thought to downsizing. Many homeowners figure they’ll downsize someday, but few eventually take the plunge.

Alan Biederman did a year ago, when he sold his four-bedroom home in Hazlet, New Jersey. Biederman, a 61-year-old magazine production manager, intends to retire in June and relocate to Rodgers, Minnesota, where he and his wife recently bought a newly built two-bedroom town home for much less than the sale price of their former home…


How Online Games Can Help Millennials Manage Their Money

Apr 07, 2015

Millennials like to play online games. The typical millennial spends almost 12 hours a month on gaming, compared to 2.6 hours per month on managing their finances, according to Financial Finesse, a financial education provider. Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of the company, wants to use that gaming habit to help young workers adopt better financial habits…


5 Things Finanically Reckless Young People Say

Mar 25, 2015

Michael Chadwick has a simple message for 20-somethings: You can’t have everything you want right away.

You can’t live in the same kind of home your parents have. You can’t motor around town in the same kind of car your parents drive. And you can’t afford to follow your parents’ example and take two vacations a year…


Money Sense: Retirement readiness

Mar 23, 2015

Patty Maese talks retirement readiness in today’s Money Sense.

There’s no question that it’s critical for every generation to save and invest, but when it comes to planning for the future, which generation is more ready?
A new study finds that millenials, generation X, and baby boomers are all at a turning point.

According to Financial Finesse, baby boomers are the most overall financially secure generation.

Generation X was deemed as the most stressed about their future because of financial demands – mortgage, college, kids.

And millenials, who overall earn less and rank the lowest when it comes to financial wellness, have time on their side and tend to be knowledgeable about how they need to actively manage money…