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Helping employees get on the right retirement track

Nov 13, 2015

Many things get in the way of people saving enough for retirement. Buying a home. Student loans. Getting married. Having kids. All of these competing priorities make it difficult to set money aside for something that seems light years away.

A new study by the Think Tank at Financial Finesse found that employers can do more when it comes to helping employees prepare for retirement…


Retirement plans: A long hike

Nov 12, 2015

Many eventual retirees actually save enough, many only feel they save enough. Some lag and fall even further behind on the long trek of retirement planning. Here’s who they are and how they can catch up.

Mark Twain claimed British statesman Benjamin Disraeli said there are three kinds of untruths: “Lies, damn lies and statistics.” As a lifelong personal finance junkie, I qualify that yes, some statistics are distractions…


Employees face higher health costs as open enrollment season starts

Nov 05, 2015

It’s open enrollment season, and for many workers that means learning they’ll be responsible for a larger portion of their health care costs in 2016. This growing burden is cutting into their retirement savings, according to a survey by LIMRA, an insurance and financial services trade association…


10 questions to ask about retirement preparedness

Nov 05, 2015

How well prepared are American workers for retirement?

Not very, according to the vast majority of studies, which have found that not only do many people have nothing saved for retirement, but those who’ve managed to put money away are way short of the mark…


Wellness programs add financial advice to improve employee health

Nov 03, 2015

Sheena Calliham is all too aware of statistics showing that millennials have less job security and more student debt than their parents.

“Student loan debt is a primary financial stressor and concern for my generation,” she says, “and we’ve also faced a challenging job market.”..

Listen to the NPR radio segment here.


New Financial Finesse Study Uncovers Emerging Solution to America’s Retirement Crisis

Oct 27, 2015

Our latest study identified an opportunity for U.S. employers, who are uniquely suited to address the American retirement crisis, to redefine how they measure the success of their retirement plans.

With the majority of employees facing delayed retirement or worse, not being able to retire at all, our firm has developed a 6-step retirement preparedness model which we urge employers to adopt in order to address the crisis that could significantly impact their workforce. Read more…


Financial Wellness: This plan sponsor boosted employees’ retirement confidence

Oct 23, 2015

It has always been important to Roy Richter, deputy inspector of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and president of the Captains Endowment Association—who also serves as trustee for the Senior Officers Council (SOC) Annuity Trust Fund to educate plan members about the value of their financial health and how to use all of the retirement plans offered by the city to achieve financial security and to, ultimately, retire well…


Report: Gender wage gap hinders women into golden years

Oct 23, 2015

ew report shows the gender wage gap affects women well into their golden years.

The financial firm Financial Finesse conducted the report by evaluating men’s and women’s median incomes, retirement savings, life expectancies and projected health care costs to determine how much they would need throughout their lifetime…


Women Face Unique Retirement Concerns

Oct 19, 2015

A recent study from the group Financial Finesse finds that women, on average, are more than $268,000 short of what they need to retire comfortably. That’s compared to men, who are $212,000 short on average…


Women Face An Alarming Gap In Retirement Savings

Oct 16, 2015

Women scoring lower in investment knowledge and confidence says new report.

When it comes to preparing financially for retirement, women continue to lag behind men and need to step on the accelerator.

In its annual report, California-based Financial Finesse, a financial education firm, found that there’s a 26 percent gap in the savings of men and women when it comes to retirement planning, based on replacing 70 percent of their income. The example is based on looking at the typical man and woman at the age of 45 based on median income…