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NFLPA works to prepare players financially for life after the game

Sep 09, 2014

One could argue that ballet and football might not have that much in common, yet both require fancy footwork, stamina and determination. So it’s somewhat fitting that the winner of this year’s Benny Award for Benefits Leadership in Retirement Planning, Dana Hammonds of the NFL Players Association, wanted to be a dancer as a child…


Partnership Hoists Importance of Financial Wellness

Aug 27, 2014

During employee meetings, no one raises their hand when you ask who wants to depend on Social Security for retirement, says Kathleen Kelly, managing partner of Compass Financial Partners. “Everyone understands that they are responsible for managing finances to support their own retirement,” she tells PLANADVISER. But as plan advisers often observe, retirement plan participants face a range of financial challenges…



Aug 22, 2014

Compass Financial Partners, LLC , a leading national investment and plan consulting advisory firm, announced today it has partnered with Financial Finesse, the nation’s leading provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness programs, to provide plan sponsors with enhanced, comprehensive financial wellness programs designed to help employees better save and invest for retirement…


A New Employee Benefit Is Evolving: Financial Wellness

Aug 20, 2014

“When I first started [in this business], there was a model of financial education in which financial planners were focused on capturing assets and the investing strategies for those assets, so the business was focused on those with higher incomes and assets to invest,” noted Linda Robertson, certified financial planner with Financial Finesse, during a webcast hosted by the firm. “Most employees were financially stressed and so they were not targeted for financial planning. They had no help with basic financial and savings habits…”


Helping women bridge the financial literacy gap

Aug 20, 2014

Managing personal finances and preparing for retirement isn’t easy for anyone, but the challenges are particularly difficult for women.

The latest results of an annual survey of financial literacy and wellness showed that women continue to feel less confident than men about their ability to manage their cash flow and debt, allocate their investments and prepare for their retirement…


“Crisis” Management: Uncertainty and the Workplace

Aug 18, 2014

While the nation is now a few years removed from the financial turmoil that led to the so-called Great Recession, “crisis” is a word still much bandied about. Crisis is, after all, something that cries out for swift and decisive action–and the industry of employee benefits has had its fair share of crises…


USA’s love affair with debt is a problem

Aug 12, 2014

America’s love affair with debt is starting to be a problem.

Consider: Average total debt per American with a credit file stood, in September 2013, at $37,952 in mortgage debt and $15,898 in non-mortgage debt, according to a new study by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C. And if that wasn’t bad enough, more than one in three Americans have debt in collection…


Can Obamacare Help You Afford Early Retirement?

Aug 01, 2014

While the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, remains a controversial topic in the political arena, many Americans are assessing how it might impact their retirement plans. After all, health insurance coverage is one reason why many people stick with their jobs until they reach age 65, when they’re finally eligible for Medicare…


Why CFOs must tie financial education to their wellness program

Jul 16, 2014

Financial stress is something that affects the majority of employees.
In fact, 86% of employees say they’re dealing with some type of financial stress, according to a recent report by Financial Finesse…


Women closing financial literacy gender gap

Jun 23, 2014

It may come as no surprise that women are better than men at asking for directions when they are lost — whether on a busy highway or the road to retirement. But it can still be a long, arduous journey.

Women are approaching their finances more proactively and using financial wellness programs at work more often and more regularly than men, according to a new survey by Financial Finesse, a provider of workplace financial wellness programs …