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Financial Wellness Programs

For many companies, Employee Financial Wellness is the missing piece to maximizing the effectiveness of existing wellness programs and fully containing health care costs. Not to mention fostering a workforce of healthier, happier and more productive employees who are engaged and empowered.

Problem Solution
60% of illness is caused by financial stress, costing most large and medium sized companies millions of dollars per year in health care expenses. 92% of employees who participate in our Financial Wellness programs make at least one major improvement to their finances within 30 days of participating, with the average employee making at least 3 changes.

Financial Finesse has an extensive experience creating and implementing successful Employee Financial Wellness programs for a wide range of clients, including some of the major the healthcare and health insurance providers.

As part of our financial wellness programs we conduct a formal Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment of your employees and provide you with extensive reporting, research and analysis on your employees’ financial issues.  This not only allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your employees’ financial well-being, but also helps you adjust the ongoing Financial Wellness Programs to achieve the best results.

Real Life Stories

Click here for real life stories from employees who have changed their lives as result of participating in an ongoing financial wellness program.

All of Our Financial Education Programs Include

All programs are custom designed specifically for your company, and include:

  • a strategic marketing plan and materials,
  • ongoing reporting to measure success of the program,
  • and strategic consulting to continually improve and refine the program.

Programs typically combine online education with live workshops, 1x1 financial planning sessions, phone based financial coaching and webcasts for remote employees.

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