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When It Comes to Investing, Don’t Just Follow the Money

Your investment strategy shouldn’t be based on following what everyone else is doing. Continue reading

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The Dictionary Now Includes What???

Tweet I was in the car today and I heard a quick news story about some new words being added to the dictionary. “Brain cramp,” “bucket list,” “energy drink,” “life coach.” and “aha moment” were added to the dictionary, and … Continue reading

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3 Financially Foolish Tips for April 1st

don’t follow these foolish financial tips Continue reading

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Searching for the “Holy Grail” of Mutual Funds: Less Risk and Higher Returns

Tweet In the last few blog posts, we discussed the danger of the “greed, hope, and fear cycle” (in which people tend to earn below average returns by buying high and selling low) and some ways to overcome it by … Continue reading

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