The Wardrobe Capsule – A Smart Way to Look Fabulous While Spending Less

I had never heard of a wardrobe capsule until last week.  I’ve heard of time capsules, of course.  In high school, my friend and I put together a “memories time capsule” to remember the academic, social and athletic events of our high school years.  Turns out the time we spent documenting the music was a waste of time.  Who knew that today we’d all be listening to classic rock anyways?  A favorite “music” memory of mine was going through a fast food drive-thru with my two pre-teen sons while Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird came on the radio.  I excitedly told them how cool the song was and I could see them through the rear view mirror rolling their eyes at how completely out of touch their Mother was until, of course, we got to the famous guitar solo.  They changed their tune after that. (Pun intended.) Read more

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