GUEST BLOG POST: The Course to Financial Success: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

On Sunday, October 30th, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

Call it a “runner’s high,” or chalk it up to trying to distract myself from my painful feet, but I spent much of those five-plus hours in deep philosophical thought.  I thought about the courage of our military, as I studied the faces and dates of too-short lives emblazoned on the backs of so many runners.  I thought about the dedication of the spectators, who not only waited for several chilly hours to catch a 10-second view of their runner, but also propelled 19,999 other runners to the finish with their motivating and humorous signs.  My favorite:  “26.2 miles?  Because 26.3 would just be crazy!!” Read more

Financial Planning: I’m a Geek and I can Prove it

It was pointed out to me recently that I can be quite a geek (fortunately, my girlfriend likes geeks).  It was also pointed out that when I was a kid I had to feed my pet dinosaur before I walked 10 miles, uphill, in both directions, to school in the morning.  (I love my kids!  Anyone want them?)  I guess a little back-story might help.  In an interesting twist (at least to us) of timing, my girlfriend and I share a birthday for a brief moment.  Her birthday is on the 20th, mine is the 21st, and we like to spend our birthdays together doing fun stuff.  Or, at least mostly fun stuff. Read more

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