Using Real Estate to Supplement Your Retirement Income (Part II)

Real estate can be a great asset for retirement planning. Last week, I explored a couple of ways you can supplement your retirement income using real estate, namely by owning rental property or investing in REITs.  This week, I’d like to take a look at a few other ways you can use real estate to supplement your income by tapping into the equity you may have in the home you are living in right now. Read more

Why a Home is Still a Good Investment

Today is the first day of spring and among other things, that means many people will begin the process of buying a home. Despite the crash in the real estate market a few years ago, real estate remains a great investment. In fact, it can often make the difference of whether someone is able to retire. Here are some reasons why: Read more

What About My House? (A Soon to be Retiree’s Dilemma)

I met with someone who is preparing to retire in the next year, and we started talking about what a day in his new-styled life would look like.  I asked what I thought was a simple question, “Are you planning to stay in your house, move somewhere warmer (he lives in New England), or stay local and downsize?”  It turns out, the question wasn’t so simple. Here’s why: Read more

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?

It seems that every retirement planning workshop I do lately, this question rears its head.  Used to be not too long ago many people didn’t know what a reverse mortgage even was (Quick definition of a Reverse Mortgage: A special type of home equity loan for persons 62 and older.  The loan proceeds can be in the form of a lump sum, cash advance, or a line of credit.  The loan does not usually have to be repaid during the homeowner’s lifetime, which is why it is often used by retirees.)  Now that people are aware of this investment product, it has suddenly started becoming a first choice answer to retirement security for some people. Read more

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