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My cousin is the ultimate bargain hunter. If you are looking for that amazing combination of value and quality, she is your woman. She can find the $5,000 vacation for $1,000 or the $500 coat for $69.99. She came to me excited because she found an amazing deal on life insurance. She has been searching for months with no luck and finally went to a financial advisor who gave her the cheapest quote she had gotten so far. Read more

GUEST BLOG POST: The 6 Reasons Why the 401(k) Is the Best Way to Save for Retirement

401(k)s have gotten some negative press due to the market downturn during the recession, which took a big toll financially on many employees. Even so, as someone who has dedicated my whole working life to retirement planning, specifically to the 401(k), I wanted to share six important points on why 401(k) are still a better vehicle for saving for retirement.

  1. The matching contribution. The vast majority of companies who sponsor 401(k) plans match your contribution into the plan. You can’t get that with any other savings vehicle. For example if you’re going to put money into an IRA nobody is going to come in and give you $0.50 for every dollar that you put into that IRA. Read more

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