Risk of Failure to Balance Budget

So in my last blog I outlined the real danger of government spending without a balanced budget.  If the government continues to borrow and spend, borrow and spend, borrow and spend, pretty soon Uncle Sam won’t be able to borrow any more.  If that happens – if foreign governments don’t lend the U.S. money, if investors don’t buy U.S. Government Bonds – how will the government pay for its expenditures?  This is a difficult question, and one we hope we never have to answer, but rather than cross our fingers and put our heads in the sand, we need to face this potential reality head on.  We know that the government’s going to have to do something, so here’s what you can do to be prepared: Read more

Retirement Preparedness: A Wake-Up Call for Generation X Investors

Talking with a group of pre-retirees, one of the people in the room (a born entertainer) used Styrofoam coffee cups as visual aids to illustrate his point.  We were talking about incomes and expenses during retirement, and he broke out into a comedy routine/illustration of his financial life.  He filled a big pitcher with water and filled the first cup, broke out a Sharpie and labeled it “Pension.”  He had been an employee of the phone company for 40 years and has a very solid pension income.  The next cup he labeled “Social Security” and he filled that cup about ¾ full.  The 3rd cup he put a few drops of water into and labeled it “Investments.”  He said the 401(k) plan arrived a little too late in his career and he had not participated until the last several years of his career, plus he had a number of children that all went to college which left his personal savings and investment balances rather low. Read more

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