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Understand the Facts About Target-Date Funds

If you are investing in anything, be sure you understand how the investment works at least on a basic level. Continue reading

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What Eating Halloween Candy Can Teach Us About Financial Success

Here are a few lessons from saving Halloween candy. Continue reading

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Following the Herd to My Worst Investment Ever

If only I’d followed a few of the tips provided by CNNMoney.com, including their lesson 8 (don’t chase short-term winners) and lesson 10 (don’t be too quick to dump a fund), I wouldn’t have made this mistake. Continue reading

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When It Comes to Investing, Don’t Just Follow the Money

Your investment strategy shouldn’t be based on following what everyone else is doing. Continue reading

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Have You Outgrown Your Mutual Funds?

Tweet When it comes to investing, many of us stick to mutual funds. After all, they’re generally the only option in employer retirement plans (except perhaps for company stock) and financial advisers like to sell funds because they’re relatively easy … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Making the Best 401(k) Investment Choices

Tweet Investing for retirement can be an intimidating undertaking. Setting aside money in your 401(k) plan is difficult enough, but determining how to invest it presents its own set of challenges. The good news is that you don’t need to be a seasoned, savvy … Continue reading

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Top 4 Ways to Begin Investing for Retirement Today

Tweet If you haven’t been saving for retirement, putting even a little away on a monthly basis can have a huge impact on your future quality of life – especially if you invest in a tax-advantaged retirement account like your … Continue reading

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Are Your Plan’s Mutual Funds Olympic Medal Material?

Tweet Surprisingly, Michael Phelps only placed third in one of last week’s Olympic trials.  Will you be just as shocked if your plan’s mutual funds don’t end up rating a gold or silver with Morningstar’s new forward-looking mutual fund ratings?

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Do You Know What’s Really in Your Water Bottle…or Your Portfolio?

Tweet My kids absolutely LOVE bottled water.  I remember that when bottled water first came into the public eye, my friends & I laughed and said that if we came up with catchy packaging, a cool name, and maybe even … Continue reading

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What Your Employees Don’t Know About Target Date Funds Could Hurt Them

Tweet Some of the most common questions that I’ve been receiving from employees during recent retirement planning workshops relate to confusion around the proper use of target-date funds. Ironically, these investment options are designed to simplify rather than complicate the … Continue reading

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