Pay the Absolute Lowest Price on Groceries Every Week

Who came up with the idea to make a grocery list and go to the store and purchase what you need for the week?  I’ve done that all my life and in turn paid whatever the going price is for groceries.  This is the old way of shopping.  The new way of shopping is to buy what I need at the lowest possible (rock bottom) price and stock up.  What makes more sense, going to the store once a week and buying cereal for $4 a box every week for six weeks and paying $24 for cereal or buying six boxes of cereal at rock bottom prices (using sales and coupons) and paying only $6 for a TOTAL of six boxes of cereal?  If you have a pantry and the food doesn’t spoil, stocking up makes more sense.  Imagine what you could save if you were able to purchase all of your consumer staples and household items consistently at rock bottom prices.  Life would be different. Read more

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