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Why I Max Out My Health Savings Account (And You Should Too)

No one likes seeing their money get ripped by taxes, so take full advantage of the tax-free benefits of the HSA. Continue reading

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Lessons From Having the Flu and Pneumonia

With a few relatively easy to manage steps, you can begin to demystify the whole concept of how to take care of the cost of healthcare during your remaining working years as well as during retirement. Continue reading

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Retire Before 65: It May Pay To Wait

Consider waiting until you qualify for Medicare at age 65 before you retire. Continue reading

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Open Enrollment: A Tale of a Lost Opportunity

Tweet It’s open enrollment season, and many employees are making the key decisions that will impact both their health coverage and tax situation for 2012.  Commonly, employees are seeing higher deductibles and co-pays, but are still not maximizing their ability … Continue reading

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