You Are Not Your Financial Situation

When I tell people what I do for a living, I almost always get questions on how to become financially secure. As I started to talk to people, I noticed that a pattern started to emerge. People started connecting themselves to their financial situation vs. seeing their situation as a temporary situation.  Read more

A Message in a Bottle

Sometimes I read something that touches me and makes me remember that, no matter what is going on in my life, things could always be worse.  And then I remember to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to the business of living my life with less whining.  When I read this article, I had one of those moments.   Read more

Did Mom Miss Out on this Important Gift?

Yesterday, Americans spent nearly $20 billion saying thanks to mothers across the country for their priceless roles as domestic CEOs. Hopefully, you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend and had the opportunity to celebrate with the moms in your life too. While my son and I were making our special recipe of blueberry explosion pancakes in the kitchen for my wife (well, I was primarily trying to minimize the mess he was making out of love for his mommy), I started thinking about my memorable Mother’s Day gifts of the past. As a child, I’m sure there were more than just a few kindhearted but lame attempts at breakfast in bed, homemade cards, flowers, and gift certificates. Even as an adult, I still struggle to find the best gift for my mom and I am sure that I’m not alone when I say that it’s tough to find a substantive gift that adequately says thank you enough. (However, I did come across this open letter to moms everywhere from Kid President and it’s sure to make some moms smile in realizing how awesome they are!)  Read more

GUEST BLOG POST: The Course to Financial Success: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

On Sunday, October 30th, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

Call it a “runner’s high,” or chalk it up to trying to distract myself from my painful feet, but I spent much of those five-plus hours in deep philosophical thought.  I thought about the courage of our military, as I studied the faces and dates of too-short lives emblazoned on the backs of so many runners.  I thought about the dedication of the spectators, who not only waited for several chilly hours to catch a 10-second view of their runner, but also propelled 19,999 other runners to the finish with their motivating and humorous signs.  My favorite:  “26.2 miles?  Because 26.3 would just be crazy!!” Read more

GUEST BLOG POST: Q&A with Liz Davidson on the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy

Question: Your research is showing the gender gap in financial knowledge is still prominent. It seems there shouldn’t be a gender gap at all these days. Shouldn’t women and men be pretty equal in their financial knowledge and overall financial security?

Liz Davidson: Well, yes, you’d think so. But there are several issues at play here: Read more

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