A “Financial Meterorite” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean the End of the World

My friends have told me for a long time that I just might be one of the nerdiest, geekiest people they know.  I’m starting to believe that they might just have a point.  I was absolutely fascinated earlier this week (who says fascinated anymore?) when I read a story about a massive meteorite crater that was found in the Canadian Arctic.  Somewhere between 130 million and 350 million years ago (when I was a young man according to my children) a meteorite crashed into Earth and left a crater that is 15 miles wide.  15 MILES!!!!  That thing came falling out of the sky at a ridiculous rate of speed and created a huge dent in the Earth’s surface.  There was also one found earlier this summer that was 62 miles wide and 3 billion years old.  The photos of these craters are absolutely amazing.  When you think about how something falling out of the sky, completely unexpected, can have significant disruption to the Earth’s surface, it reminds me of some of the stories I’ve heard from people about how they’ve rebounded from severe “financial meteorites”. Read more

Financial Planning: New Year, New Goals

Year end is a perfect time to take a look back at the progress you made in your financial life in 2010 and set new goals for 2011.  So many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside by St. Patrick’s Day.  (Dialing back on the chocolate consumption makes my list EVERY year.  Still, there’s something about dark chocolate that is stronger than my resolve.)  There are some resolutions, though, that are not only good for you but sustainable.  And, maybe a bit more realistic than my dark chocolate resolution too. Read more

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