Worst Thing Ever

Occasionally, I’ll be in a conversation with a group of people and will throw out a random phrase and everyone has to give a quick response to it.  Recently, the phrase I threw out to the group at happy hour was “Worst Thing Ever.” One of my friends, without hesitation, blurted out “New York Yankees fans!” As the group was made up of lifelong Baltimore Orioles fans, we all agreed that Yankees fans can be obnoxious but they aren’t the worst thing ever…close, but not quite.  Read more

Daydream! It’s worth it…

Sometimes the best things in life start with a great idea or vision.   Recently I have become a huge fan of the “Spotify” music service. This article talks about how the founder of Spotify wanted to create something that combined his two loves, music and technology, and bring the world something better than music piracy.   And, since he wasn’t really good at playing music, being a rock star was out of the question!  So, he did the next best thing and created a music company. Read more

7 Things to Give Thanks For (even in this economy)

Happy Thanksgiving! As a financial planner, I talk to a lot of people with all kinds of financial difficulties and I try to write about how to solve some of those challenges in this blog. But today is different. Thanksgiving isn’t about dwelling on what we don’t have, but about giving thanks for what we do. With the economy in the dumps, you may not feel that you have much to be thankful for, especially when it comes to your finances, but here are 7 things to consider: Read more

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