How Being a Pro at Fantasy Football Can Translate to Investing

This is my third year playing fantasy football so I am no longer a novice.  When I finished second to last my first year, no one took notice because they figured I was a rookie and of course, a girl who doesn’t know anything.  They were right.  Last year in a complete surprise to everyone, especially me and especially to my husband, I took first place.  A big shout out in thanks to Sebastian Jankowski the kicker for the Oakland Raiders, who if you looked at the points he brought in, you’d have thought he was a running back, and to my quarterback Jay Cutler Chicago Bears who had a great season last year.  This is a new season with new challenges, and once again I am holding my own and enjoying playing in my family league.  Truthfully, I like to play to stay connected with family and friends, and I have to admit that I love to “trash talk.” Read more

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