Investments That Survived the Fiscal Cliff

We are still here.  The Mayan calendar ended December 21, 2012 but fortunately we didn’t.  The fiscal cliff hung over into the wee hours on New Year’s Eve but was averted so taxpayers making less than $400k are breathing a sigh of relief that their income taxes aren’t going up — only the payroll taxes are going back to 6.2% (an increase of 2%). This is certainly good news for most Americans but it gets better. Dividends and capital gains tax rates were also saved from the fiscal cliff – they stayed the same for most Americans. Read more

When Enough is Enough

After my stepfather passed away, my mom started working with a local bank to manage her investments.  At the time, I was living in California and it was difficult for me to help her with investment decisions.  Plus, I had always warned my clients that allowing family members to get involved in your investments was a bad idea because you could always fire a stranger but you can never fire a member of the family.  It was with this in mind that I allowed her to continue this relationship despite my occupation as a financial planner. Read more

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