Financial Wellness @ Work

The Rise of Banking Alternatives

One of the trends that I’ve seen with people who don’t have a great credit score and who have experienced some financial setbacks is that banks don’t really want to do business with them and it’s hard for some people to open accounts at major financial institutions.  One of the beautiful things about capitalism is that when there is an unmet need, enterprising business people step in and create a service to meet that need. For this growing area, an unlikely business has stepped in to meet this need…pawn shops!  Yes, that’s right. Pawn shops! Read more

Paying to Use a Debit Card? I Don’t Think So.

Recently Bank of America announced that it will charge debit card holders $5 a month for the convenience of using a debit card, and you can be sure other banks will follow suit.  This stems from recent legislation that puts limits on the fees banks and other financial institutions can charge on certain types of transactions.  Regardless of the reason, it’s time for a revolution. Read more