Poorer Can Actually Be Richer – Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

I recently read an article talking about something we don’t like to talk about.  It was written by a hospice nurse and is about the regrets of the dying.  It was interesting to me to read what the five most mentioned regrets were from those who realized that their time on this earth was coming to an end.  I wasn’t surprised to find that one of the top five was, “I wish I didn’t work so hard.”  (In case my boss is reading this…I wish I could find a way to work even harder!  Is that sucking up too blatant?) Read more

GUEST BLOG POST: Q&A with Liz Davidson on the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy

Question: Your research is showing the gender gap in financial knowledge is still prominent. It seems there shouldn’t be a gender gap at all these days. Shouldn’t women and men be pretty equal in their financial knowledge and overall financial security?

Liz Davidson: Well, yes, you’d think so. But there are several issues at play here: Read more

When Short Term Interest Rates Rise – What Should I Do?

One of the questions I ask the attendees of my workshops is, “Where do you think interest rates will be going in the future?”  The overwhelming majority state that they feel rates are going nowhere but up.  Now, I certainly appreciate that there could be an outside chance that rates may dip from where they are, but that is not as likely as rates going up (in my humble opinion).  So, if in fact we are moving to higher rates, what are some things you can do now to take advantage of the current rate environment?  Check out the tips below to see if any of these apply.  Note: while they may seem like a “no-brainer,” it’s those types of actions that we often don’t take. Read more

Investment Secrets Revealed

Several weeks ago I was in Chicago giving a workshop on investing.  Every time I give this workshop, I almost always get asked the same thing, “Greg, what is the best thing to invest in right now?”

First of all, if I really knew what the absolute best things to invest in at any time was, do you really think I’d be writing this blog?  I get the sense that people think financial professionals have some sort of secret knowledge when it comes to investing.  They think we can read the tea leaves and know where to invest, and where not to invest.  I can’t blame them, though.  I think the industry has done this to them on purpose.  For years financial institutions have spent countless dollars trying to convince you that they have an edge, a better way to research, a better strategy for picking winners, etc. Read more

Are Employees Feeling Dis-satisfied with Their Benefits?

According to a recent study by Prudential, many employees’ perceived value and satisfaction with their benefits is declining.  Based on the fifth annual Study of Employee Benefits:  Today and Beyond, 45% of plan participants who were polled stated that their level of benefits has decreased this year,  and only 38% think their employer offers a wide range of benefits (down from 55% in 2007).  Specifically, employees feel they are receiving fewer benefits from their companies and paying more for the ones that are being offered. Read more

How to Make $50 Per Hour Couponing

Couponing is way more profitable than I ever thought it would be.  I used to think using coupons was way too complicated and felt I really didn’t have the time to do it.  In fact, I rolled my eyes when my sister- in- law, Anne, first showed her massive coupon binder – bursting at the seams with little slips of paper.  My thoughts were, “This lady is way over the top – extreme.” and I told her so.  Thankfully for me, she just laughed and was nice enough to take the time to set me straight, that indeed it was worth the hour a week cutting and organizing her coupons.  In fact, she saved about $200 a month in groceries so she really was making $50 an hour. Read more

Achieve Financial Success by Managing Someone Important – You!

At work recently I’ve been assigned something completely different than anything I’ve ever done before, so I’m doing a whole lot of training to learn some new things. This has been a test of “can an old dog learn new tricks?”  The good news is that it looks like it’s possible! Read more

How Do I Start to Educate Myself About Investing?

Now that my wife and I have, for the most part, settled in our new hometown of Chicago, I have decided that my vacation from working out is officially over.  So last week I actually completed my first full week of the P-90X workout (haven’t joined a gym yet).  I must tell you that in some of the workouts, yoga and kenpo for example, I felt like an absolute klutz!  That got me to thinking about how many people might feel when they want to learn about investing on their own for the first time.  The good news is that like learning yoga (and kenpo), with time, continued education and practice, you will become more confident in your investing.  With that, take a look at these tips to get you started in the wonderful world of investing. Read more

GUEST BLOG POST: Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us, with the most popular months for weddings in this country being, in order, June, July, September, and August.  Starry-eyed couples will no doubt have images of the Royal Wedding in mind as they plan their own fairy-tale nuptials.  Across the country, florists are scrambling not just to assemble the usual profusions of roses and forget-me-nots, but to find leafy trees suitable for a church or temple. Read more

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